I started teaching in 2000, herding a cute and squirrely group of five-year-olds through a summer art program. Every day a flood of ideas poured out of their heads and bodies, taking shape as rainbow-colored butterflies, hideous pustule-covered monsters, shiny robots, or elaborate treasure chests and glittering treasure. Every day I wore myself out keeping pace with them, collapsing into a nap the minute I got home. But their imaginations were an inspiration and I was hooked.

Since then I’ve worked with all levels in the classroom – including special needs children and adults recovering from mental illness -- exploring various media from ceramics to painting, drawing, printmaking and papier-maché. I love the surprises that come from students who are just opening their eyes to art. We all gain so much by acquiring tools of expression. I know for many of my students, getting encouragement and confidence with materials and methods makes all the difference. That’s all they need to take off and give shape to their own personal story.

I offer adult workshops regularly each term through Honolulu Museum of Art, most often focused on projects that combine visual and written expression. I also offer workshops to private groups of six or more, on the U.S. mainland as well as Hawai'i. Click below for sample workshop topics.

Jump Start Your Creativity       Cut-Crease-Bind       Lost Art of Letters
Recording Your Journey     
Side By Side

In addition, I offer private individual instruction in drawing or painting for both children and adults. Contact me at or 808-221-8102 for rates and scheduling.

Other Offerings


Poetry in Motion is an event-based writing service. I write poetry on demand, creating unique works while you wait. Click here for a detailed brochure.

Sample Art Subscription Items

Sample Art Subscription Items

My Art Subscription is a fun way to add a little art to your life. An affordable six-month subscription gives you art from a menu of choices – it’s a great gift for yourself or a friend. Click here for details and order form.